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Chef Michael's Spoon Hors d'oeuvres

Chef Michael's waiter-passed Spoon Hors d'oeuvres feature a sampling of tastes. Developed while Chef Michael was a member of the USA Culinary Olympics team, the innovative appetizer gets thumbs-up from guests. Not only do they get a delicious bite of Chef Michael's award-winning cuisine, but guests don't have to do a balancing act of a plate, fork, napkin and drink while trying to eat an oversized piece of food. 

Chef Michael's signature Spoon Hors d'oeuvres are welcomed, fun and the talk of any reception. And, unlike plated appetizers usually assembled hours before, Chef Michael's Spoon Hors d'oeuvres are prepared by M Catering by Michael's culinary brigade just minutes before serving. Each Spoon Hors d'oeuvre is fresh, flavorful and easy to eat. No mess; no fuss.

Michael's Spoon Hors d'oeuvres

Spoon Hors d'oeuvres choices can include:
 1. Mint-Roast Loin of Lamb on Mushroom Ragu
 2. Cinnamon-Roast Breast of Duck on Fig & Grape Relish
 3. Scampi Shrimp on Bacon-Melted Leeks
 4. Seared Sea Scallops on "Truffled" Chive Mashed Potatoes
 5. Crisp Crab Rolls on Avocado & Cucumber with Ginger Sabayon
 6. Mushroom-Seared Beef Tenderloin on Marsala Onions & Parmesan Relish
 7. "Demi" Crab Cakes on Garlicky Spinach & Roasted Red Peppers
 8. Gingered Ahi Tuna with Avocado & Cucumber Salad
 9. "Bleu" Veal Cheek Tortellini on Mushroom Fondue
10. Cucumber-Wrapped "Antipasto Vegetables" on Balsamic Glazed Onions
11. "Basiled" Tomatoes with Brie Fondue & Fried Katafi
12. Sage-Seared Breast of Quail on Sweet Corn Polenta
13. Rosemary-Seared N.Y. Beef on Eggplant & Broccoli Relish
14. "Salami" Wrapped Cambozola on Cantaloupe & Basil Relish
15. "Surf & Turf" of Veal "Bocconcini" on Lobster Orzo
16. Garlic A•oli-Tossed Crab Salad on Caramelized Pineapple
17. "Sunnyside" Quail Egg Crostini on Truffled Mushrooms
18.  Prosciutto-Wrapped Roast Scallop on Zinfandel-Braised Pears
19.  Olive Oil-Poached Prawns on Orzo Pasta Puttanesca
20.  Poached Oyster on Gingered Cilantro Pesto-Cucumber Spaghetti
21.  Tiny Meatball with Orzo Pasta Marinara
22.  Lime & Tequila-Poached Scallop on Green Chile Grits
23.  Fried Eggplant & Goat Cheese Cannelloni on Spicy Marinara
24.  Rosemary-Braised Italian Sausage on Peppers & Onions
25.  Artichoke, Tomato, Grapes & Olive Salad on Cambozola Fondue
26.  Asparagus & Wild Mushroom Risotto with Béarnaise
27.  Smoked Salmon & Thyme-Scented Potato Salad with Garlic Froth

28.  Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken on Pearl Pasta & Bacon-Mustard Emulsion

Menu I


Bottle-Poured "French Onion" Braised Beef Short Rib
Cannelloni with Taleggio Cheese

Arugula and Endive Salad with Apples, Walnuts and
Gorgonzola with a Chianti Vinaigrette

 Choice of Entree
Beef Tenderloin on "Potato-Mushroom Risotto"
& Porcini Sauce
Salmon-Mignon "Caponata" with Creamy Polenta
& Romesco Sauce 
Chicken "Saltimbocca" on Lemon Pappardelle & Asparagus   

Seasonal Cr¸me Brulée with Fruit & Sorbet
Coffee and Tea Service

Beef Tenderloin

Menu II

"Demi" Crab Cake & Scallop with Mustard Hollandaise 

Iceberg Salad of "Winter Italian Fruit" & Vegetables
with Melting Cambozola 

Choice of Entrée
Rosemary Roast Sirloin on Sweetbread & Potato Hash
 with Winter Mushrooms "2 Ways"
Olive-Roast Chilean Sea Bass "In the Style of Ni¨oise"
Rosemary-Scented Roast Lamb "Chop" with Eggplant,
Goat Cheese Lasagna & Tomato Confit

Chocolate Fallen Soufflé with Godiva Sauce
 & Blood Orange Ice Cream

Coffee and Tea Service

Sea Bass

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